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Below is an article written by one of our TY students Abbie Pimlott who attend this digital event:

As part of one of our workshops for TY, we took part in a course called the Shine Festival. This course was introduced by the Shona project. It was a course aimed at empowering young women and inspires them to do amazing things. It was convenient as the course commenced very close to International Women’s Day. Unfortunately, the event was held online this year due to the pandemic, but there were just as many videos and talks for everyone to enjoy. Competitions and activities were held at the end of the course.

It started off by introducing us to some of the leaders that work with the program and what they do. Some young girls of similar ages to us or younger were introduced. They had been picked by radio companies, to come onto the course and explain their stories. They had all done amazing things for other people and were truly inspirational. The course led us on to the home page where sections were available depending on what careers or topics you were interested in. Some sections and topics covered included: sports, the arts, wellness, activism, mental health, mindset, diversity, sustainability, social issues, individuality and more. Once you had clicked into the section, there was a range of videos of people being interviewed about their careers and people giving talks on certain topics. Some were celebrities talking about their careers and others were people sharing their experiences, which gave it a variety of your choosing.

For me, I was just exploring a bit and clicked into the Arts section where I watched Evanna Lynch, a famous actress. She played roles like Luna Lovegood out of the Harry Potter films. She talked about how her first appearance on television was on the Late Late Toy Show when she was younger and her career and love for acting continued from there. As I’m interested in sport, I went to the sports section where I watched Katie Mullins and her interview. She is the captain of the Irish Ladie’s Hockey team. She explained her everyday life and how her life was when she was younger. She talked about how she got to where she is today and if it wasn’t for certain people in her life, she would never have made it to where she is now.

As the videos were very long, I never got a chance to look at more, but I wish I could have. I thought they were easy to watch and engage with and really help with figuring out more about careers and people that you might not necessarily have known before. I think it would be useful to people that are not quite sure what they want to do when they are older and how they might get onto that career path they are interested in. I liked the way there were different sections for each career, that way you can decide which videos you would like to watch. What I liked most about the course was that it raised awareness on issues people might not see as a problem and gave everyone the opportunity to hear advice from different people. I would recommend this course for future TY’s and I think it can help people have a positive outlook on life and be a big influence to others in the community by taking action.

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