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TY Jackwise

TY Jackwise

Jack Wise magician worked with the TY's over the last two days. It was full of laughter. I liked the workshop because we could sit back and watch him do the magic tricks, but also he tried to get us involved whenever he could. He was very good at interacting with us and making everyone laugh. One trick he showed us was a money trick. He asked someone in the class for a five, ten or fifty euro. He then lit the money on fire and threw it up in the air. When he threw it in the air the money on fire just disappeared into thin air. Then he took a pepper, an egg and a walnut out of his bag. He somehow morphed the walnut into the egg and then the egg into the pepper in front of us and then he opened them all and the money was inside. It was amazing because no one had any idea how he did it. He also showed us some tricks and how to do them like pretending to swallow a knife and how to make a pen disappear. Another thing everyone really enjoyed was the sword swallowing. Everyone was shocked when he did it because swallowing a sword is really hard and he also told us about 63 people in the whole world can do it so its really cool that we got to see someone do it in our school. Overall, I really enjoyed the workshops and would definitely recommend it.

Kate Gleeson

26 2021
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