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Top Tips for Exams 2023 & Good Luck!

Top Tips for Exams 2023 & Good Luck!

Top Tips for tomorrow Wednesday 7th June - Day 1 of State Exams


  • Make sure you eat well today and stop studying at least 1 hour before bedtime. You need to take a break and let your brain rest so that it is ready for tomorrow. Eat a good breakfast in the morning.
  • The State Examinations Commission (SEC) have advised that black ball point pens are best for exams - some of the exams are scanned and sent electronically for correction by examiners. Highlighters, erasable pens and different colour pens often do not show on the scanned documents.
  • Please ensure you have all other materials required e.g. calculator with a working battery, maths set and colouring pencils if you need to draw a diagram. Heavy leaded pencils are advised. Students cannot share items during an exam so you must have all your own items.
  • Full school uniform for all exam sessions. No PE Uniform required.


  • Arrive by 8.35am for the first exam tomorrow morning. You will be required to sign an Exam Centre Roll the first morning only.
  • Each student is assigned to an Exam Centre (classroom) based on their Exam Number and the Centre is supervised by a Superintendent. You will meet the Superintendent tomorrow morning and they will show you where your seat in the Exam Centre is. There are signs on all Exam centre Doors, outside Deputy Principal Offices and there are school staff available to help guide you in the morning.
  • NO smart watches, phones, study notes or school bags are allowed in the exam centre. These must be kept in lockers if they are brought to school. Any phone or device must be turned off.
  • It is your responsibility to be on time for your exams. You must be available 20 mins before the start of each exam session. Always check the timetable.
  • There are no lunchtime facilities available. Each student must make their own arrangements at lunchtime.
  • The first 30 minutes of the exam are the most important - you will not be allowed enter the exam after this time. Parents/Guardians must contact the school urgently if a student is delayed. If the Superintendent allows the student to enter before 30 minutes has elapsed the time of entry will be recorded for the SEC and no additional time is given.
  • The Superintendent in each Exam Centre will go through the procedures, rules and regulations with students.
  • Ms. Ward, Mr. Carolan, Ms. Smyth and Ms. Brady will be available throughout June to support students.

Good luck!

Top Tips for Exams 2023 & Good Luck!Top Tips for Exams 2023 & Good Luck!
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