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Travelling to School

Travelling to School

Travelling to School

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Students have a number of options when it comes to travelling to school. Students can come by car, bus, cycling or walking. We in St. Wolstan’s Community School are very conscious both of the traffic and inherent health and safety risks associated with this, and of the effects of cars on our environment. For this reason, the School and the Parent’s Association are actively encouraging more students to come to school by means other than cars. To that end, we would like to make you aware of the following:

  1. Students can cycle to school in their tracksuit and then change it the school uniform for the day.

  1. Four of our Transition Year students have signed up to the Ambassador Programme of the #andshecycles campaign.

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3. We have ample bike shelters to lock bikes safely for the day .Parking.jpg

  1. We would encourage “Park & Stride” where students could be dropped off at a location away from the school and walk the remainder of the journey.

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  1. “No Idling Policy” – Parents are asked to switch off their car engines when waiting to pick up students. This ensures cleaner air for everyone in our school community and less pollution for the environment.

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