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The aims of the Transition Year Programme offered in St. Wolstan’s Community School are:-

  • To provide students with the opportunity to find the skills and supports necessary to continue to develop their talents, aptitudes, abilities and strengths.
  • To allow students to experience a year where the emphasis will be on individual responsibility.

It is the objective of the Transition Year Programme to:

  • Promote a mature attitude towards study by encouraging self-directed learning.
  • Provide opportunity to develop skills related to the world of work.
  • Encourage communication skills by providing opportunities for team work.
  • Allow students to take time to explore their awareness of issues and concerns in the world at large.


The Transition Year Programme in St. Wolstan’s Community School is open to all students that have completed 3rd Year Junior Certificate State Examinations.

A completed application form must be submitted by a specific date to the Transition Year

Co-ordinator. Applicants who have not previously been a student at St. Wolstan’s Community School may be considered for Transition year upon admission to St. Wolstan’s Community School subject to a place/places being available.

Students will be admitted to the programme subject to resources. The Board of Management has decided to limit the intake of students to Transition Year. It would be irresponsible of the Board to admit an excessive number of students as to do so could involve a decline in educational standards and an erosion of the ethos of the Transition Year Programme. In the 2014-2015 school year, St. Wolstan’s Community School has accommodation for an enrolment of 86 students on the Transition Year Programme.

Where the number of applicants exceeds the number of places a waiting list will be established. A place on the waiting list does not in any guarantee a place in the Transition Year Programme.


  • Students must complete an application for entry to the programme. Recommendations will be made by 3rd Year Teachers and 3rd Year Year-Head to the Transition Year Co-ordinator, Deputy Principal and Principal.
  • Students will be accepted on the general consensus of above parties.
  • Any student who does not meet the necessary criteria will not be offered a place on the programme.

The following criteria will ascertain suitability:-

  • Discipline record
  • Work record
  • Suitability of applicant to the programme
  • Suitability of the programme for individual applicants.
  • Students indicate willingness to pay Transition Year fee.
  • Student is willing to accept place for full school year.
  • Student is willing to sign contract

A student who fails to secure a place on the programme may appeal the decision in writing to the Principal within fourteen days herein specifying the paragraph page of reference of the Admissions Policy under which they are making their appeal.