Junior Cycle and Leaving Cert 2024

Important Information and Timetables

Please see attached important information (Video and PDF) to help you to prepare for the start of your exams on Wednesday 5th June. The information answers questions you may have.

It is important to note that you should attend at 8.30am on Wednesday to find your exam centre and meet your Superintendent.

Every other exam you must attend 15 mins in advance. There are no repeat options for exams. This information has already been emailed to all students and their parent/guardian, as well as posted in the News section of the website.

Remember Mr. O'Callaghan is the State Exam Aide for LC and JC 2024 Exams.

If you urgently need to contact the school regarding the exams after school hours you can email Mr. O' Callaghan: pocallaghan@stwolstans.ie

LC Examinations 5ᵗʰ June 2024.pdf

Junior Cycle Examinations 5ᵗʰ June 2024.pdf

Junior Cycle 2024 Timetable

JC 2024 Timetable Image.png

Leaving Cert 2024 Timetable

LC 2024 Timetable.png

More State Exam 2024 Information can be found here:

SEC Exams LC and JC 2024

St. Wolstan’s Community School

In-house exam rules and guidelines 2023/2024

  1. Get a good night's sleep before and eat a healthy, filling breakfast on the morning of each exam.
  2. Please check the time and location of all exams carefully.

Arrive at the exam centre at least 5 minutes before each exam/study session begins for registration.

A student arriving late must wait silently outside the exam centre - once the Supervisor has distributed all of the exam papers, she will be permitted entry.

  1. Mobile phones and smart watches are not permitted in the exam centre. This is in line with the State Exams Commission’s rule for State Examinations. Any breach of this rule will result in cancellation of the student’s exam and the school’s disciplinary process will be applied.
  2. Students must be in full school uniform for the duration of the exams.
  3. Study – there are study periods built into your exam timetable. Bring all materials needed to study – you will not have permission to go to lockers at this time. You may bring your own device for study purposes only – no borrowing of school laptops from lab cabs for this examination period.
  4. Go to the toilet before the exam. Only in exceptional circumstances should a student ask to leave the exam centre – a toilet break must be recorded on student script with time of exit and return plus teacher initial.
  5. Bags must be left outside exam centres during exam sessions – they may be used during study periods for accessing study materials. Leave valuables locked in your locker.
  6. No eating is permitted during exams.* The malls are to be used during break/lunchtimes by 1st and 2nd All other students may take break/lunch in their exam centres. All exam centres must be clean and suitable for exams to continue.
  7. Answer booklets, graph paper and log tables are provided. Each student must equip herself with the following: pencils, pens, erasers, ruler and mathematical instruments. No borrowing of items during exams is permitted.
  8. Spend the first few minutes of the exam reading through the paper carefully.
  9. Listen to all the instructions and corrections given at the beginning of each exam. Subsequent questions disturb other students.
  10. It is absolutely forbidden to talk to or communicate with another student during the exam. A student’s exam paper may be cancelled if this rule is breached.
  1. Should a student be found with evidence of cheating, her exam paper will be cancelled and the school’s disciplinary process will be applied.
  2. Each student must put her full name, class and subject teacher’s name on each answer booklet and on any extra sheets of paper used.
  3. Watch the clock and allow enough time for each question to be answered.
  4. In the final 10 minutes of each exam:
  • Re-check the total number of sections/questions to be answered
  • Re-check the compulsory questions
  • Re-read each question and check your answer – Best of luck!

*Medical condition exempt.