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Student Senior Leadership Team

Student Senior Leadership Team 2023/2024

Every student at St. Wolstan's Community School is encouraged daily to reach their full potential. With the help, care and support from the entire staff and student body, students are able to succeed and thrive in various areas. The kind, welcoming and positive learning environment in St Wolstans facilitates this.

As the school's Head Girl and Deputy Head Girls, we represent the whole student body and work in collaboration with the school community. We were nominated to support student voice in the school and to lead the senior student leadership team of Prefects. Our responsibilities include offering a student’s perspective on how the school is generally run, organising and assisting at school functions and mentoring all students, featuring a special relationship with our 1st Year Students. We are role models for the younger years so it is our responsibility to represent the school to the best of our ability. We collaborate with other student leadership groups, such as the Student Council and Class Representatives to promote student voice. Our collective goal is to help create social and academic opportunities for all students at our school.

The 1st Year induction, Halloween Dress Up Day, Transition Year Christmas Market, Advent Service, Music Night and other memorable fundraising events are just a few of the school year's many events. One can truly see what our school has to offer by visiting the school website/App and social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Students are able to pursue a wide range of curricular and extracurricular activities at St. Wolstan's due to the generosity of staff and the school's positive, welcoming environment. There is a wide range of lunchtime activities as well as after-school options, both sporting and non-sporting. Students can try out new hobbies, meet new people or just spend time together. The atmosphere in St Wolstan’s promotes a feeling of inclusiveness and belonging.

We are extremely proud to be part of our school community. We are honoured to continue the tradition of senior students leading the way and helping our younger peers become confident, emotionally intelligent and resilient individuals. We hope to equip them with the skills they need to pursue their dreams and aspirations in the future.

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