In 1955 at the request of the Archbishop of Dublin to open a secondary school for girls in Celbridge, the Holy Faith Sisters bought a historic house, St. Wolstan's, on the outskirts of Celbridge. The house has a long history. In 1202 a priory was founded on the banks of the Liffey and called after St. Wolstan, (1040 AD), a Benedictine monk in Worchester England who had been canonized that year. This Priory served as a place of prayer and of learning.

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When Holy Faith School was opened, Celbridge was still a very small village but the area was on the verge of major development and by the 1980s the school found itself under great pressure for accommodation. Gradually plans began to take shape for a new school building. After much discussion between the Department of Education and Science, the Holy Faith Sisters, the Board of Management, the Parents' Association and the staff, it was eventually decided to build a new all girls’ community school on a large site at Ballymakealy on the Clane Road, Celbridge County Kildare. Dr. Micheal Woods, Minister for Education and Science officially opened this new school 8 October 2001.

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