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Junior Cycle:

The Junior Cycle Wellbeing program, an essential component of the holistic education we provide to our first-year students. The Junior Cycle Wellbeing program, initiated in September 2021, is a comprehensive 400-hour timetable of learning designed to enhance the overall wellbeing of our students.

Key Pillars of Junior Cycle Wellbeing:

The Junior Cycle Wellbeing program encompasses three main pillars, each contributing to the holistic development of our students:

  1. Physical Education (PE): Students dedicate 135 hours to PE, promoting physical health, fitness, and overall wellbeing through various physical activities and exercises.
  2. Social, Personal, and Health Education (SPHE): SPHE involves 100 hours of education, incorporating essential aspects such as Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) to nurture personal and social development.
  3. Civic, Social, and Political Education (CSPE): With 100 hours allocated, CSPE aims to develop civic and societal understanding, encouraging active participation and engagement within the community.

Units of Learning for Junior Cycle RSE:

1st Year RSE

The First Year course looks at the following areas:

  • Healthy and unhealthy relationships - In real life and online
  • Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
  • Changes during puberty
  • Female reproductive system
  • Male reproductive system
  • Menstruation
  • Sexual intercourse and conception

2nd Year RSE

The Second Year course looks at the following areas:

  • Review of First Year RSE
  • Relationships
  • Stages of pregnancy: birth to conception
  • Decision making and values
  • Personal safety
  • Sexual orientation

3rd Year RSE

The Third Year course looks at the following areas:

  • Review of previous learning in SPHE
  • Relationships
  • Sexual orientation
  • Sexually transmitted infections
  • Consent

Additional Learning Areas in Wellbeing:

In addition to the main pillars, schools allocate an additional 65 hours to the Wellbeing program, covering various aspects that enhance student wellbeing. These include:

  • Guidance Education: Providing guidance to students to help them make informed decisions about their wellbeing and future paths.
  • Tutor Time:
  • School-Developed Units of Learning: Customized units of learning, tailored to address the specific wellbeing needs of our students and further enriching their educational experience. Digital Literacy is the current school-developed unit of learning.

NCCA Specifications:

The Junior Cycle Wellbeing program aligns with the specifications outlined by the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA). These specifications guide the structure and content of the program, ensuring it meets the required standards for an effective and well-rounded educational experience.

For detailed information on the NCCA specifications, please click here to access:

Junior Cycle SPHE Curriculum

Junior Cycle SPHE Information for Parents_Guardians

Junior Cycle CSPE Curriculum

Junior Cycle PE Curriculum

Senior Cycle SPHE:

Arising from the review of Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) in primary and post-primary schools, the need to update the Social, Personal and Health Education (SPHE) curriculum was identified as a key priority. This updating work began with Junior Cycle SPHE and is now focused on the redevelopment of the Senior Cycle SPHE curriculum. The consultation period for redevelopment of Senior Cycle SPHE, which includes RSE, ended on 18th October 2023.

Click here to read more about: Senior Cycle SPHE

Units of Learning for Senior Cycle RSE:

4th Year/Transition Year RSE

The Fourth Year, also known as Transition Year, course looks at the following areas:

  • Healthy Friendships
  • Values
  • Self-esteem
  • Relationships
  • Rights and Responsibilities in relationships
  • Consent

5th Year RSE

The Fifth Year course looks at the following areas:

  • Healthy relationships
  • Self-esteem
  • Sexuality
  • Sexual orientation
  • Influence, values, decision making
  • Human reproduction and fertility
  • Understanding female fertility
  • Contraceptive methods

6th Year RSE

The Sixth Year course looks at the following areas:

  • Relationships
  • Intimacy
  • Unplanned pregnancy
  • Consent
  • Sexually transmitted infections

Whole School Wellbeing:

The Department of Education launched the revised Wellbeing Policy Statement and Framework for Practice in October, 2019. To implement this policy every school is required by 2025, to use the School Self-Evaluation (SSE) process to initiate a wellbeing promotion review and development cycle. Since the launch of the Policy Statement and Framework, St. Wolstan’s Community School continues to use the SSE process to review and improve wellbeing practices and initiatives. Our school prioritises student wellbeing by engaging external agencies and presenters for insightful workshops, addressing mental, social and physical aspects. We value student input through surveys and discussions, ensuring initiatives align with their needs. Our dedicated Guidance Counsellors, Chaplain and Student Support Team offer personalized care and guidance, promoting emotional and social health. Throughout the year, we organise care-focused activities, fostering a holistic approach to student wellbeing. Together, these efforts create a supportive environment where students thrive academically and personally, enhancing their overall development.

Annual Wellbeing Week

Each year St. Wolstan’s Community School dedicates an entire week to focus on wellbeing activities. Please see our 2023 programme here: Wellbeing Week 2023

Wellbeing Resources for Parents/Guardians

Visit our Parent_Guardian Wellbeing Resources section to access an array of helpful articles, guides, expert advice and tips tailored to address the unique needs and challenges teenage girls often face. We understand the importance of a holistic approach to wellbeing, encompassing physical, emotional, mental, and social aspects, and our resources reflect this understanding. The site is dedicated to providing and empowering you via a curated collection of resources aimed at nurturing the wellbeing of teenage girls during this crucial stage of development.

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